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New features:

  • Much smoother and more correct timer bar. (except on IE; it actually got worse there!)

  • The drill doesn't start until you're ready.

  • A brand-new setup page! Now you can make the drill go to higher numbers, work faster or slower, give you more or fewer problems, and all that. The setup is stored in getvars, so you can hang onto a link with your favorite setup.

A sense of scale.

Let's make a scale model of some nearby celestial objects. For this, I'll be using the scale 1:1.25E10, or 1 inch to 200,000 miles.

At this scale, the Sun is about the size of a grapefruit (11 cm).
The Earth is about the size of a poppy seed (1 mm), and is about the length of a city bus (13 m) - from the Sun.
The Moon is about the size of a grain of sand (0.25 mm), and is a peanut's length (3 cm) from the Earth.

Jupiter is about the size of a blueberry (1 cm), and is half a city block (61 m) from the Sun.
Saturn is about the size of a cranberry (8 mm), and is a whole city block (113 m) from the Sun. Saturn's rings are the size of a quarter (2.2 cm), except that they're thinner than a strand of DNA (1.57 nm).

Proxima Centauri is the size of a small strawberry (1.5 cm), and is 3,135 km from the Sun - about the distance between New York City and Salt Lake City, or London and Cyprus, or Hong Kong and Jakarta.

The Milky Way Galaxy extends halfway from the Earth to the Sun (74 million km).
The Andromeda Galaxy is about the same size as the Milky Way, and sits somewhere between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus (1.9 billion km, or 12.6 AU).

Game mission archetypes, version 0.1

Here are some archetypical missions found in video games, along with brief examples.
  • Kill
    • Assassinate "Kill the ARM Commander."
    • Annihilate "Clear out the Den of Evil."
  • Find
    • Collect
      • Farm "Mine 10,000 minerals."
    • Explore "Scout the base."
    • Discover "Find the missing gear."
      • Solve (usually) "Figure out how to start the elevator"
      • Trek "Get to the flag!"
  • Defend "Don't let it die"
    • Escort "Follow the bomb truck and keep it from exploding"
    • Guard "Keep the convoy from using the pass"
    • Hold Off "Defend Black Sun until it fires"
  • Escape
    • Flee "Run for your life!"
    • Ghost "Get out without being seen"
  • Build "Build a barracks"
I'm sure you guys can come up with more. Tell me more!

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One of the nice things about Thanksgiving is that I end up having Thanksgiving dinner again several times over the following weekend.

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They need to make stickers that say "I voted yesterday!"

By the time anyone can see my sticker, it will be tomorrow, and the sticker will no longer be accurate.