Vorn the Unspeakable (unspeakablevorn) wrote,
Vorn the Unspeakable

Game mission archetypes, version 0.1

Here are some archetypical missions found in video games, along with brief examples.
  • Kill
    • Assassinate "Kill the ARM Commander."
    • Annihilate "Clear out the Den of Evil."
  • Find
    • Collect
      • Farm "Mine 10,000 minerals."
    • Explore "Scout the base."
    • Discover "Find the missing gear."
      • Solve (usually) "Figure out how to start the elevator"
      • Trek "Get to the flag!"
  • Defend "Don't let it die"
    • Escort "Follow the bomb truck and keep it from exploding"
    • Guard "Keep the convoy from using the pass"
    • Hold Off "Defend Black Sun until it fires"
  • Escape
    • Flee "Run for your life!"
    • Ghost "Get out without being seen"
  • Build "Build a barracks"
I'm sure you guys can come up with more. Tell me more!
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